South African artist Hanien Conradie’s paintings have been described as ‘holding qualities of a delicate and refined thoughtfulness, and which explores themes of damage and responsibility’ (Jeremy Wafer).

Made mostly of found natural pigments, her work evidences physical engagement and locatedness sharing an approach with New Materialist artists where our place as embodied human beings and the we relate to matter is questioned. Conradie’s performances, talks and writing revolve around a reappraisal of ‘animism’ as a nuanced and viable practice to establish human reconnection with the biosphere.

Hanien Conradie obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town in 2015. She has since participated in various key local environmental art exhibitions; delivered papers at earth-concerned symposiums and attended ecological artists residencies both locally and abroad.

Babiana ambigua Flowers & Death III Cyrtanthus flammosus Leucospermum tootum var. glabrum (CR)

Work currently on display:
    Summer Show, Circa Gallery, Cape Town
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