This place is part of myself...
My relation to this place is part of myself...
If this place is destroyed, something in me is destroyed...
My relation to this place is such that if this place is changed, I am changed...

Arne Naess

The Cape Floristic region is one of the earth's six floral kingdoms and has the highest concentration of plant species in the world. This biodiversity hotspot is currently in the midst of an unfolding ecological crisis as it has one of the highest rates of species extinction on the earth.
Informed by radical ecological theory, Hanien Conradie explores a 'sense of place' by searching for disappearing flowers indigenous to environments she has particular connections to. Her work is concerned with loss of natural environments, cultural diversity and individual subjectivity and examines the complex interdependent relationships between these 'ecologies'. Her practice includes spending time with scientists in the veld, speaking to local communities, delivering lectures to bring awareness and making work in her studio. The relational nature of her process is expressed in the conversations around species extinction set up between various works. Conradie's paintings include installations with organic matter, reflected light effects, artist's books, paintings and pieces drawing on conventions of botanical illustration and preservation.

Afwagtend (Awaiting) In memory of Monet III Ghost of Moraea Flowers & Desire III

Upcoming exhibitions:
AVA Gallery Salon
Opening 15 December at 18H00
Church Street, Cape Town

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